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Baskets and bags

In the course of our expeditions, we select baskets, bags, panniers , Africa, India, many, many, many materials such as seagrass, palm leaves, straw, millet, cotton. All resistant to the weight and use practices, the choice changes with the seasons, and discoveries.

Various Products

Jumble, bells, books, keychain, umbrellas, sea shells, pinata ......


Our range of cosmetic products is sold in our stores for a very long time, our customers recognize and appreciate their seriousness and efficiency. Have no fear, the result is to go. The skin care with shea butter, henna powder to your natural colour, the hair straighteners the most serious, a whole range of products, changing over seasons and heart stroke.

Instruments Music

Of traditional musical instruments or accessories of dance found around the world in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The famous djembe the harp Burkina Bé, Dolak at shekeré, what you are immerse in the music that have inspired for generations many artists.

Well be

A section where you can find minerals, accessory power, well-being, of literature, of the chimes, everything that can we contribute to a life more healthy and enjoyable.

Incense and accessories

Here you will find the incense sticks, cones, resins as well as oils and fragrances. Although of ancient traditions, the manufacture of incense the indians remains very small-scale and continues with always the same desire to be exemplary, both in the research of plants and resins which will form such and such incense as in the respect of traditions. Depending on the region, the manufacturing process may differ. For example, the incense, tibetan is a in the form of dhoops, without a stick of wood rolled in an irregular manner. Medicinal, perfumes, aid in meditation, elevation of the spirituality, all and all find in our account, the quality is to go,it remains to choose the fragrance !

Indian spirituality

Objects of worship, religious, of Tibet or India, many and varied. Prayer wheels, objects of worship, singing bowl, flag prayers rub the busts of Buddha, statues of Ganesh or Shiva.


Articles smoking are many and varied, coal for Shisha to the Grinders, passing through the divers, the pipes in wood, glass, or Pvc, the rolling paper, filters. Warning smoking seriously damages your health and that of your entourage. Do you help to stop smoking: call 0825 309 310 (0.15 €/minute)

Interior decoration

Here you can find a very comprehensive range and assorted decorative items including batiks, african or indians, the hangings, the giant that can cover a bed, statuettes, a large choice of stickers indians representing Buddha, Ganesh or Shiva, as well as numbers of objects in surprising or unusual as embauchoirs, watering of animals, busts of horses old.


Depending on the season, cotoient, silk scarves from India,pashminas, trousers nzassas african, pleas of the himalayas, hats, harem pants,shirts. Our choice of pants is facing towards the lazy, decontraction, or the practice of meditation. A lot of these clothing are unisex, their cup is mixed.


Boxes of wood, paper, with or without cause, big or small, heavy or not .........


Games from around the world, such as awalé, chess, back gammon, card games, or other.


Plants, powder, seeds, flowers, what can be found and the importation of which is permitted, to drink, eat, or decorate.

Furniture and Accessories

Furniture from Africa and Asia, from recycled or old, with accessories to help customize it.


A multitude of imported products and of the highest quality, piercings, piercings in surgical steel, rings and bracelets in copper, chains to feet, bindis, cuffs, collars rasta, malas, choosing a genuine store.

Art First

The expression' art first, or "primitive" art is used when one wishes to designate the artistic works of the societies of which we have no parallel in terms of culture. Long regarded as null and void, this art form has known its recognition at the beginning of the 20 th century, and remains very much copied by artists of renowned famous. We come to this category of everyday objects, especially in the african and asian cultures.

Hair Accessories
Products and objects which beautify and maintain the hairstyles and hair.
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Pack of leaves to roll king size slim of the brand RAW. Smoking seriously damages your health and that of your entourage. Sale forbidden to minors.
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